Friday, June 3, 2011

Swimming and New Jammies

Yesterday we took Kade swimming for the first time! He absolutely loved the water. We showed him how to splash and float and even after he got a mouthful of water he was still smiling! The pool was sun heated, so we didn't stay long because it was pretty chilly. But it was so much fun while it lasted!! After we finished up at the pool we treated ourselves to Burger Bar shakes and cuddled up in our jammies. Kade just got new pajamas because he's grown out of all of his old ones. This is great news because it means he's finally growing!

We didn't take any pictures at the pool (partly fear of dropping the camera in the water and also no knowledge of whether we were actually allowed to take pictures), but we do have a picture of Kade in his swimming trunks right before we left the house.

Kade in his new pajamas

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