Friday, June 3, 2011

Finger Foods

This week we've been focused on introducing Kade to new finger foods. We've been trying to press the importance of self feeding now that he grasps the concept of picking things up between his thumb and index finger.

Here are a few things we tried this week:

Strawberry Pancakes

Carrot Sticks, Cheese, Yellow and Green Peppers

So far, the pancakes are his favorite! With the peppers he just sucked out the water until they were limp and then threw them onto the floor. He LOVED the cheese, but was indifferent to the carrots (odd because carrot puree is his favorite). We can't wait to try more new and exciting foods for his little taste buds.

If you have a finger food your baby loves/loved, I want to hear about it! I need lots of good ideas to keep his diet interesting for him.


  1. Your little boy is gorgeous! I randomy came across your blog and am thinking you might be a bbc mom? Anyway, I have a 10 month old and he LOVES steamed green beans, sweet potato sticks, cut up grapes. What a fun age.

  2. I am indeed a bbc mom :) I'm in the July 2010 group. Thank you for the ideas!! we will definitely have to try the sweet potato sticks.

  3. I'm a July as well! Was your LO, the Kade, that had surgery? If so is he doing good?

  4. Kade was the one who had open heart surgery. And he is doing amazing! He's recovering like a champ. We go back to primary childrens for a follow up next week to see how he's been doing off the heart medication. I wrote a blog about it here- http://ianjesskade.blogspot.com/2011/05/kades-heart.html


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