Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

If I could talk, I’d tell you just how thankful I am that God picked you to be mine. I’d tell you that even though you think I’m small and not paying attention, I see the way you look at me with unconditional love. I see the way you take care of Mommy, further allowing her to be the woman we both need. When you don’t think I’m looking, I see you peek in on me at night to make sure I’m snug as a bug. And I hear you positioning the fans, nightlights and humidifier so I have optimal sleeping conditions. I hear the curses under your breath (reminder, watch the language, Pa!) as you put together my toys, spending hours of your weekend just to make me smile.

I see the way your face lights up when I laugh or do something cute. Please know that I’m trying hard to make you proud.

Daddy, If I could talk, I’d tell you how much I’m looking forward to all the adventures we’ll have together. My first baseball game, my first trip to the zoo, my first visit from the tooth fairy and our first family vacation. I’m so lucky that you’re the one I get to experience life with.

If I could talk, I’d tell you to worry less. I know I’m little, Daddy, but I’m going to be OK — as long as you play “superbaby” with me and never stop dancing around the living room to Sesame Street.

If I knew how, I’d tell you how happy it makes me to see you love Mommy. To know that you’re best friends, and that one day I’ll find someone that was made for me, the way you two were made for each other.

Daddy, on Father’s Day, you should know that I see and hear a lot more than what you give me credit for. Your “scary bird” song keeps me safe, your forehead kisses let me know how much you love me and your morning tickles teach me that laughter is one of life’s greatest gifts.

If I could talk, I’d tell you that God couldn’t of picked a greater guy to be my Daddy (and napping partner) and I’m so lucky that I get to be all yours.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.


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