Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eight Weeks Post Op

Today I took Kade to his eight week post-op appointment with our wonderful cardiologist, Dr.Pinto. They performed an Echo and an EKG and Kade's heart is functioning beautifully! Everything looks as it should in his chest- the VSD is closed and there is no leakage whatsoever (other than the remaining ASD's, which will close in time). I was so excited! Hoping that we would get a six month clearance and be one step closer to having just annual check-ups.
Well- my mother intuition told me that wasn't so and once again it was righ
t. Kade hasn't grown. He hasn't gained even an ounce since his last check-up with Dr.Pinto. His cardiologist seemed concerned. Really, Kade eats a ton all the time-More than the average ten month old-so why isn't he gaining any weight? Dr.Pinto threw around the world metabolizing, hesitantly. She's just a cardiologist so it isn't her area of expertise.. His heart is healthy.
We have to go back in eight weeks. If Kade hasn't gained weight up t
o Dr.Pinto's standards, she will send us to a nutritionist as well as another specialist to find out if perhaps he has a syndrome (unlikely because he shows no other indicators, such as short limbs or developmental delays). If not a syndrome, I'm assuming we'll move from specialist to specialist until one of them can tell us why my Kadertot isn't growing as he should be. I'm beyond frustrated- I thought we were out of the woods but it seems we've just trailed the outskirts.

Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Lots of Prayers & Love being sent your way! <3 hang in there! we love you guys!!


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