Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My relationship is not perfect- I'll be the first to say it. I'm always getting compliments on how amazing my little family is; so close, so put together, so loving. We have our issues, trust me. There have been screaming fights, slammed doors and lots of curse words. Of course, no relationship is perfect. But, lately, I've been extremely frustrated because I feel like we haven't had enough "family time." By family time I mean entire days spent with just us three- no friends or extended family visiting. I'm not saying I'd like structured family events. I don't want a specific schedule. It's just that in the hectic life we live, its almost as if we've lost touch with each other. I simply want quiet days, just us three, being together. So, I've made a proposition to Ian: Three days of family time a week. Three days of hanging out, making dinner together, going grocery shopping- anything. As long as we do it as a family.

Also, Ian stays home with Kade during the day and it seemed that the second I got home he would leave. I got so angry with him because he was always running off with his friends, but after I really thought about it I realized: he sits home with an infant all day. Kade knows three, maybe four words.That must be so frustrating and lonely! So, I've given Ian a "free day pass." One day a week when I don't work and he can do whatever he wants with his friends, all day. In return, I get to go to the gym a few times a week to vent some steam.

It's a small step- but I think it will take us so far! I'm hoping that this change will bring my little family even closer and get us to be friends again.

I thank God every day for the amazing people He has put in my life- but Ian and Kade are on the top of my list. They have shown me so much humility, strength, passion and loyalty. I can only hope to give them the support system that they have provided me through these trying months.

I love you, boys!

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  1. I think in any relationship, being able to communicate your problems and compromise for a solution that suits both parties is the most valuable skill. It looks like you've got it down. I'm sure this time together will make your family happier and more connected. Enjoy it!


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