Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Gear

Today, mommy and daddy went shopping with Kade for all of his summer clothes! We got a lot of clothes for him at my shower, but the sizes end at about 9 months. Summer is approaching faster than we realized, and at the rate he's growing he soon will have no clothes to wear. So, we went to good ole Target and splurged. We got so much stuff for so cheap. Almost everything was on sale, if we would have gone to Carters we would have spent a fortune. It's so funny taking Ian shopping for Kade; Every time I hold something up to show him, he says "put it in the basket!" Now, Kade has a large summer wardrobe and some new toys. We also got him sun glasses because he hates when the sun gets in his eyes in the car and because we've been spending so much time outside enjoying the weather. Now Kade has his summer clothes, sunglasses, new toys, a new swimming suit and a stock pile of sunscreen. Now, all we need is lots more nice weather.

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