Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

We have a record: The Wettest May in Utah's History. The state of Utah has signed a declaration of emergency and is telling us all to prepare for the worst. Lucky for us, the river is right across the street; swollen and roaring and threatening to hop across the bank at any given moment. Thankfully, we're on the second floor. My car may float away, but my belongings will be safe! We've been wearing sweats and warm socks, and heating up the car before we go anywhere. Before leaving for work yesterday morning, I had to brush the snow off my windshield. Yes, I said snow. Tomorrow is June. I shouldn't be surprised- we do live in Utah. The weather is unpredictable and inconsistent but snow? in june? I wasn't prepared for this. I thought by now we would be in our swimming suits at the pool, at the zoo, going to the park everyday.. you know summer stuff. I guess we'll continue braving out the rain and hope for at least one sunny day. The forecast for tomorrow is 81 degrees! We will have to wait and see what actually happens though. I don't trust Mr. Weather Man anymore.

Because I haven't blogged (the rain is quite a downer, I've had no motivation!),
Here's what my little family has been up to the last few days:

Daddy has started guitar lessons! He already knows a thing or two about playing, but his friend is giving him more formal lessons. I had him look up the chords to twinkle twinkle little star so we could play and sing it to Kade but he was more interested in making up a tune of his own.

Kade and mommy had a fun night getting ready for bed while Daddy was out with his friends! We danced and wrestled for over and hour before I realized it was almost passed his bedtime. We took a bubble bath together, put on our jammies and read stories while we cuddled up in Mommy and Daddys bed.

We've continued practicing brushing Kades teeth! We brush them morning and night and he's finally getting used to it and even likes to "practice" himself! His two bottom teeth keep growing and growing and he has a few more on the way.

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