Thursday, May 5, 2011

Front Bottom Teeth

I figured out why Kade is so grumpy. As of this morning he has his two bottom teeth, and they are SO sharp!! He about bites my finger off when I try to give him orajel. While at the grocery store today, he insisted on being held. If you can imagine: I was holding a baby, pushing a cart, and putting things into the cart at the same time. Then, at the register I was holding a baby, putting groceries onto the counter, ripping out WIC vouchers, signing WIC vouchers and attempting to apologize to the cashier for my extremely whiny 9 month old. Luckily, she was sympathetic and turned off the light at her register so no one would be waiting behind me.

My work day was just as entertaining. I won't go into any detail for the privacy of my patients, but it was messy and it was stressful. Today was one of those roll-your-pants-up-to-your-thighs and oh-god-I'm-wearing-new-shoes kind of days. I guess things have to be shaken up a bit sometimes, or my job would be boring. Tomorrow I work a grave yard so I'm going to attempt to pull an all-nighter and sleep tomorrow so I can try to fall into the grave yard rhythm again.

Some pictures to make you smile:

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