Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My first attempt at Baby Food

I always wanted to make baby food for Kade, instead of buying it jarred. Well, because WIC gives us free baby food I never attempted to make much "home made food" for Kade. Last night at dinner, we were having mashed potatoes and vegetables. I thought that Kade might like some mashed potatoes with veggies mixed in- baby food texture. He absolutely hated it. With every bite he made the most ridiculous face. It was a face that said, "Mother. Put the spoon DOWN." I was amused, but determined to keep trying. Eventually, Daddy saved the day and cracked open a bottle of Gerber's "Chicken Noodle" (much to Kade's delight). He ate every bite, plus a jar of Gerber's "Mixed Vegetables." I was still determined that he try something new, so I cut him up some strawberries. He loved them! But eventually, he was distracted and threw them all onto the floor. Oh well! I tried.
Mommy's concoction of mashed potatoes and veggies.

Daddy saving the day!
Kade eating his strawberries.

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