Monday, May 2, 2011

Outside Adventures

Kade and Mommy had an outside adventure day! It's been so cold that he hasn't really spent any time outdoors. But today was just warm enough to soak up some sun. He was fascinated by everything and kept sniffing at the freshly cut grass. We laid a blanket out and he played for over an hour in the sun (wearing lots of sunscreen of course). Then, after a short nap, we went on a walk around the neighborhood. He talked the whole way, telling me lots of good stories. He is so vocal lately! When we got back, we played with newspaper (one of his favorite things to do!) and Mommy made him a newspaper sailor hat, which he promptly crumpled up. Great grandma also got him a walker to play in while at her house! He hasn't quite gotten the hang of how to move it around yet, but he did glide backward a few times. Although he was in a great mood all day, he didn't want his picture taken! Everytime I tried to take a picture he would look away, make a mad face, or put a toy in front of him. Silly little bug! He just wasn't feeling photogenic today. I love days off with my Kadertot. I'm so thankful for him. He makes my days so bright! I can't wait for the next sunny day off work with my handsome little prince. Now he's bathed and in bed and I'm eating a cardboard pizza. This day couldn't be better.

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