Monday, May 9, 2011

May ninth

Kade and mommy went out and bought his very first tooth brush! Although it was a nice thought, he absolutely will not let me brush his brand new little teeth. I had to pin him down and finally thought, "Is it worth it?" So instead I let him suck on it and play with it. He had the wrong end in his mouth but it was worth a try.

We are beginning the long process of weaning Kade off of the bottle. Our goal is no bottle by 12 months. Easier said than done.. Really he only has the bottle for night time feedings and his first feeding of the day (usually around six o'clock). But that's exactly the problem. If he wakes up, instead of giving him a bottle, I'll have to give him a tippy cup. and he isn't too thrilled about it! He's never had a bottle in his bed, I'm so against the idea: rotting teeth, ear infections.. a mess of trouble easily avoided. But I do give him a bottle when he wakes up at night. I'm not so sure a tippy cup will suffice. I'm just hoping that he'll go back to his normal self again and start sleeping through the night! Since he started teething he's really been off his sleep schedule.. not sleeping through the night, hardly napping and hating his crib with a dire passion. If I'm even holding him and standing next to it he lets out a "Mommy pleeeease don't put me in there!" howl. Today we also tried eating smooshed green beans instead of baby food green beans... he hated them. Poor thing threw them around, threw a fit and I threw in the towel. It isn't worth the alligator tears.

Also! We made a toy today! We don't really have any shaking toys and Kade has learned how to dance! So I put some bow tie noodles in a bottle and let him shake them all around. He shook them while I danced, then we traded and he bobbed his head and kicked his legs. Thinking of making him some other home made toys... Anyone have any good ideas? I'd love to hear them!

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