Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today, running on no sleep in over 24 hours and a chest cold, I endured the most frustrating car ride of my life. Morgan is further away than I had anticipated. much further. But I was desperate for some time with my family and a day out of my apartment and the absolutely appalling state in which it is in (more on that soon). I knew the drive would be long- Morgan is in the Uintah Mountains, about 30 miles south east of Ogden- but I wasn't expecting the construction, missing my exit (Next Exit: 11 Miles), or the semi-truck driver going 20 under the speed limit and braking unexpectedly every two minutes on a single lane road. I got lost. My car doesn't have air conditioning and Kade was screaming in the back seat- clearly miserable. The air blowing through the open windows agitated his ear infection and it was hotter than heck in the Tercel. After missing my exit, I was forced to continue through the canyon to the thriving metropolis of Taggart. Taggart consists of a restaurant. Seriously, that's it. I'm pretty sure their population is something like 14. When I was young, my dad took us camping. Every single year when we drove passed Taggart he would exclaim excitedly: The Thriving Metropolis Of Taggart!! And my sister and I would oohh and aahh out the window, unsure of what we were supposed to be looking at. Little did we know... This also reminded me of my Dad because several years ago, when my then step-mom was pregnant, she wanted to name the baby Taggart. My Dad protested, curtly giving his explanation while trying to hold back the laughter: If we name him Taggart, they will call him Tag for short. Can you imagine him playing at school? Tag! Your it! This is the part where my dad slaps his knee, hysteric at his own joke No, I'm not!!!!

When I finally pulled up to the house and got out of the car, I announced: I'm moving in! There is no way in hell I'm driving home. Lucky for me, I have an amazing family who doesn't have to say a thing to put me in a relaxed, easy going mood. A hugging, coffee drinking, lets-go-pet-the-horses and would-you-like-a-push-pop? kind of folk. Golly, I'm lucky to have them. A cold diet coke for me, and lots of smiles and loves for Kade and we had almost forgotten out misery in the car.

I should explain my lack of pictures: I forgot my camera.

During my long journey to my aunts beautiful house, where Kade got to pet horses, eat a push pop for the first time, cuddle with my grandpa on the swing.. I realized I had forgotten the camera. Go me. I swear, I will be visiting The Middle Of Freaking No Where again very soon- and there will be an abundance of pictures portraying a grinning baby with a green mustache petting a horse named Dewy.


Kade has to feed himself now. Mommy isn't allowed to help. It looks something like this:


But, Mommy doesn't mind. He's just too darn cute.


Time for a hot cup of chamomile tea and a long nights sleep before my 11 hour work shift tomorrow.

Happy Monday.

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