Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things have been crazy busy around here! I got three days off of work which meant paying bills, running errands, grocery shopping, and squeezing in some time with friends. Kade got to play with little Athena on Wednesday. Athena is my friend Shyeannes daughter, she is six months old. Kade just loves her! Every time he sees her he smiles and squeals. Kade had his nine month check up on Thursday, he is in the 1 % for his weight, but the doctor said his rate of growth is good. And that although he isn't crawling yet, we have nothing to worry about. He is developing at a perfect speed for his size and age. On friday, I went out with Ashley (in later posts I will most likely refer to Ashley as Girlfriend). It was nice to get away from the house and be with my best friend! I needed a good laugh. We've also spent some time over at my grandmas house. The picture to the left is of Kade at grandmas tearing apart a bunch of newspaper. Grandma lets him tear apart magazines and newspaper and this time he has black all over his face and socks from the ink. He had so much fun! This morning, I go back to work. Me and Kade made banana bread and now he is down for his nap and I'm quickly writing this blog before making the bed and getting myself dressed. It's been a busy few days, but so much fun!

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